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                    IMPORTANT - MEASLES IS ON THE RISE

Measles is more than just a rash. It is very infectious and cases are on the rise.


If you are not protected and have even passing contact with someone with measles, the chances are you will be infected too.


There is no treatment or cure for measles but the MMR vaccine protects you against this dangerous disease.


Getting vaccinated isn’t just for children. It is important at any age, particularly if you have a weakened immune system or a long-term health condition. So if you are not fully vaccinated, make contact with your practice to catch up on any missing vaccinations.


                             HOSPITAL WAITING LISTS

Important information for patients currently on hospital waiting lists.

The NHS has been working hard to address the backlogs built up during the COVID pandemic. As part of these plans, the NHS will be proactively contacting patients who have been waiting a long time for NHS funded treatment to remind them of their right to request to move to an alternative hospital where they may be seen quicker.


From Tuesday 31st October new digital portal called the Patient Initiated Digital Mutual Aid System (PIDMAS) will be introduced. Patients who have been waiting 40 weeks or more can use this portal to request an alternative choice of hospital.

Any patient who is eligible will receive either a SMS text message or a letter from their current hospital explaining how to request to choose a different hospital.


Please do not contact the practice regarding this process as we have no information regarding individual patients.

The hospital will contact you if you are eligible. Please do not contact them either.

Further information about alternative choice is available on hospital websites.

2024 GP Patient Survey

Have your say on the way your local GP services are working. 

Around 2.4 million people, aged 16 and over, who are registered with a GP practice in England will receive an invitation to take part in Europe’s biggest patient experience survey in early January.


The answers we get help the NHS to improve local health services for people like you and your family. It is important that we hear about your experiences even if you haven’t visited your GP practice recently, or if you have filled in a questionnaire before. 

The invitations go out mostly by letter to a random selection of people who have been registered with their GP practice for at least 6 months. 


The survey team at NHS England will follow this up with a text message reminder (where a mobile number is available) alongside further paper questionnaires to encourage as high a response rate as possible. 

If you receive a survey, please do take the time to take part.  It provides vital information to the NHS to identify what’s working well and what can be improved. It helps to identify inequalities in experience too, as the results can be analysed across different protected characteristics. 

If you want to check out how your practice faired in last year’s survey, take a look at the survey website:

                                                                                          GP Practices in East Riding of Yorkshire have 

                                                                                          teamed up on a primary care network level (PCN)

                                                                                          to provide extra weekend and evening

                                                                                          appointments for patients. Remote and face to

                                                                                         face appointments can be made with a variety of clinicians such as GPs, Nurses, Health Care Assistants, MSK Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists.

Yorkshire Health Partners works collaboratively with the Primary Care Networks across the East Riding Place. We are also partnering with VENN Primary Care Network in Hull to provide additional access on a weekend.

The Enhanced Access Service is now open on evenings and weekends! Do you need an appointment outside of usual working hours? They have remote and face to face appointments available.

To make an appointment, please contact your registered GP practice or contact the Beverley Enhanced Access Hub* on 01482 458 262

🔔 The Enhanced Access Hub is open Fridays 6:30pm - 8pm and Saturdays 9am - 5pm and offers both face to face & remote appointments.

Willerby and Swanland Surgery

Willerby and Swanland Surgery seeks to be a leading primary healthcare provider in the East Riding. Our philosophy is simply that every patient is entitled to the highest standard of care available - and we want to provide this through excellent service.

 We will assist our patients manage illness and ailments through self-help, medication, appropriate referrals to secondary care and chronic disease monitoring clinics. You will receive the quality and service you expect from a primary care leader.


Our practice evolves as the needs of our patients change and as new opportunities are created within healthcare. We will strive to offer access to the latest services, technology and developments within the NHS.

Demand on our Practice and Appointments


We continue to work hard to manage patient demand as best as we can and have made significant changes to our systems to increase clinical staff and capacity. We are now seeing more patients face2face than before the pandemic and we continue to seek ways to improve even further.

We know many people are looking for appointments for new or ongoing healthcare and we are working hard to meet demand. We are not, however, magicians and when our capacity is full - it is full !! 

We need to ensure our high standard of care continues safely so we ask you to work with us - including we signpost you to other care providers and services that may be more appropriate.  Our trained receptionists are care navigators and follow the instructions given by our GP Partners. 


Please bear this in mind if you feel frustrated - we too are patients, we too are carers and we also have family members so we totally get your frustration - but there is no quick fix and giving us rudeness and aggression fixes nothing but leaves you and us more upset. We don't aim to be rude to anyone, nor unsympathetic nor lacking in understanding.  

Not so long ago people wanted to protect the NHS by first trying self-care or pharmacists for a new condition.

It was the case that many hospital departments did not see any patients for numerous months and it may have been for a number of other reasons that people did not ask for NHS intervention.

Now we are seeing those patients who feel their conditions may have worsened or who are frustrated by long waits. As such they may now indeed need more NHS resources.

This will not be a quick fix and it isn't always your GP practice that can make the difference, but we are working extremely hard to try and help you where we can. 

As a team, can we please remind you all that we have and will always follow current NHS and governmental guidance to ensure that the very best service will be given. We are here to help and want to continue to do so - and we are seeing more patients than we did pre-pandemic.

Please bear with us as we are working under extremely difficult conditions. Your help will be very gratefully received and we will try to be as helpful to you as you would expect : just please bear in mind we cannot deliver beyond our capacity.

Thank you.


 Baixeu i utilitzeu l' aplicació NHS de Google Play per a Android o  App

 Botiga per a dispositius Apple 

Podeu utilitzar això per  ordre  Repetiu les receptes, feu cites amb el metge de capçalera i consulteu la història clínica resumida.

Per a més detall  Per accedir als vostres registres haureu de registrar-vos a la consulta en línia  accés .

                                 East Riding Emotional Wellbeing Service (IAPT) 

                                  Psychological Therapy  

                                                                      Working in partnership with other therapy providers such as; Relate, House

                                                                        of Light and IESO (type-talk online therapy) to offer FREE NHS services for 

                                            adults aged 16 or over who are experiencing the following:

   Stress, anxiety, worry, obsessive compulsive disorder, health anxiety, social anxiety, low mood, depression, fear of birth, pregnancy and post-birth low mood and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, employment support & long-term conditions.

You can refer yourself and don't need to see a Doctor

You can find out more be visiting 


Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm

01482 335451

Text: Text talk to 60163, this will send you a link to the website.




S'ha unit a la sanitat

Volem que cada pacient rebi el màxim nivell d'atenció possible. 
Assegurarem que els nostres pacients rebin el nostre millor servei per ajudar-los a gestionar malalties i dolències mitjançant l'autoajuda, la medicació i les derivacions rellevants als professionals sanitaris adequats.

Holiday health
Patient registration
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Cirurgia de Willerby i Swanland  
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Tingueu en compte: la nostra sucursal de Swanland té  

tancat permanentment a partir del 4 de desembre de 2021 

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